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the study of tauhid science

Science Learning Tauhid


By : Myrazano


KH Noer Alie

Tauhid. Science Study Tauhid. In studying science tauhid, hardly is suggested learning through a teacher comprehending science tauhid well and correctness. If learning through understanding formed from seeking and contemplative x'self, would hardly opens opportunity for dickens especially from dickens from group of genie threads errant understanding and misleads and mingled by it

between understandings of tauhid and errant earthly passion

The role of teacher or mursyid or teacher lives in study of science tauhid is deviation controller – deviation of common sense of mind and consideration of passion in translating and interprets every problem arising in finding understanding tauhid.


The role of teacher or mursyid atau teacher lives in study of science tauhid is abnormal controller – reasoning abnormal of mind and consideration of passion in translating and interprets every problem arising in finding understanding tauhid.


Pass mursyd the always guides and points its the pupils, expected God will open His science secret and power, causing is found hidayah guiding to diametrical road street and correctness diredhai by Him


a mursyid is also a which will justify all teaching tauhid taught to its the pupils. God will surely ask liability every understanding sermonized and God was judge that is The Most Fair and God shall not would be wrong in asking for liability to mistake of His slave


As pupil, to be protected from earthly errant passion perverting and dickens, God have also made soul as place of communicating with its the creature. God will only communicate through soul because God has entrusted His science into soul, hence following word soul which correct. God depend on soul its the slave.


If mursyd which have been believed ternayata unmatched to word soul which intrinsically is Kata Allah. Departs from him. Searching Mursyd which more can send to hidayah God


In science study tauhid, all ism is about God covering all God traits, all God deeds. God Matter cannot and may not be difikirkan and studied. Man is not given knowledge about it. So in understanding of science tauhid berfikir doesn't about matter, but fikirkanlah about deed through trait – trait. That Is Tauhid which is correct


Enemy tauhid which is the biggest is syirik Syirik the infinite something besides God and or denial to singleness of God and laws God, good of denial to prohibition – prohibition which have been commanded to be avoided nor denial to perintah–perintah which must be executed


Menyakini that there are power apart from power of God capable to deliver benefit or mudharat like benda–benda keramat or place of altar and penanggalan–penaggalan, forecast and else as his its also able to result syirik becoming archenemy tauhid.


God is Zat which The Most consistency. What which have been commanded to done will apply forever, without exemption. God have never been is wrong specifies an order. There is no acceptable benar–benar reason to its the fall execution of an obligation which have been commanded God. Statement or assumption and understanding of its(the fall an obligation which have been commanded to man for people – certain people, cause a deed or after reaching certain level or understanding step in science tauhid is a denial and insult of tarhadap understanding method of law tauhid which is correct


And so do prohibition which have been specified God, will never be lawful for diperbuat. God will not change a prohibition to the someone cause someone has reached high understanding. God only permit is – what which have been permitting and illicit apa–apa which have been illicit.


Dickens which has whispered kedalam soul intercession man of passion with pengkhabaran is liing and misleads. Dickens tells that, God has and will permit every which during the time is illicit after passing an certain understanding step in science tauhid. That need to be remembered is that, Only illicit dickens permitting by God and illicit which has been permitting God, Every tauhid is following the order dickens is tauhid which is errant


There is no closer creature with God in this nature apart from Saydina Rasulullah Muhammad SAW. Besides he(she is Rasul Allah delegated, the contiguity is obtained by through understanding of tauhid which is correct and deed of all obligation commanded and stop of prohibition commanded by God


It is of course example that is most proper and most precise to be imitated is Rasulullah Muhammad SAW. just Rasulullah Muhammad SAW of which so close to God and looked after from sin and mistake, have never permitting something which illicit of God and illicit is – what permitting by God. God Law remain valid to him(her. He is obedient and obedient follows God law. That is tauhid which is correct - correctness correctness.


All illegal deeds which have been specified God is stain – stain tauhid. In number a few will destroy tauhid and in number many will break tauhid and in the end will eliminate tauhid from soul. Effect loss of tauhid from soul is hidayah God have never come even would increasingly go away. Remains man in perverting and Iowliness with dickens


Has the many understandings of tauhid which growing  errant and is wrong along immeasurable development of islam, Pass this tauhid science deliverer study suggested for hardly berhati–hati in receiving understanding of science tauhid, because causing very ugly for life of world and eternity/the beyond. Especially if understanding of tauhid received as the confidence is errant understanding and misleads. Understanding coming from its(the dickens and follower.


Hangs on firmness to tauhid which is correct that is tauhid which based on to Al-Quran and Hadist and interpretation and understanding of famous have been moslem scholar with its(the science and has got confession from moslem scholar – other moslem scholar about truth of its(the interpretation.


Tauhid which is correct is tauhid capable to become religious service base to God is not tauhid tolerating denial to God. Only Dickens tolerating denial to God. Mursyd permiting denial to God comand is dickens personnel, hence leaving s(he is before dragged with dickens kedalam Iowliness dale which in


Hopefully God protects us from damning dickens obsession and membukakakan door of His hidayah to us, so that can pass road(street is straight which unfolding has been fore part us. Amen


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