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KH Noer Alie

The Combatant Moslem Scholar

By : Myrazano


KH Noer Alie

KH KH Noer Alie. KH Noer Alie. KH Noer Alie The Combatant Moslem Scholar. The going home of Noer Alie to its the native land, Ujungmalang becomes a thorn in the flesh for landlord and government of Dutch Indies. After building madrasah and married with Siti Rahmah binti Mughni. Noer Alie musters believer strength, between it to build pierced road(street of Ujungmalang – Teluk

Pucung in 1941

As Islam leader which has entered in enlisting Shimubu ( Religion Business Office ) during Japan occupying ( 1942 – 1945 ), Noer Alie stands gingerly.

At mid of April 1942 Noer Alie fulfills invitation of Japan army to face leader Shimubu in office Shimubu, near by mosque Matraman, Jatinegara. Simply there there are Muhamad Abdul Muniam Inada, Japan student becoming its the friend in Makkah, becoming chief Shimubu.


Realizes its the position indium condition of awry, with its the deftness diplomacy, Noer Alie smoothly refuses invitation Muniam with reason , " general I of leading pesantren which is new is build. If I plunged with other moslem scholar, how fate of my santri, they would is higgledypiggledy slipshod”. With the sensible reason Munian permits Noer Alie to manage pesantren while “ still pray for the shake of Great Asia prosperity “

By getting security and safety guarantee from Munian, Noer Alie realizes concession to be paid that is he must guarantee security and safety of its the area, flies Japan flag and executes Seikeirei ( crouchs )

For Noer Alie the concession still be listened go, but confidence of Japan about godhead of emperor collides head-on direct with Islam believe, because similar to my ruthenium in shalat

Stands the said Noer Alie only command the badal and its the santri to does Seikeirei at the time of dating just Japan army ace tactics for the shake of struggle safety

To prepare x'self if when at the time – Indonesian nation time must give battle in physical, Noer Alie channels its(the santri into Heiho ( soldier assistant ), Keibodan (  assistant line polosi ) bay heron. One of the its the santri Marzuki Alam passed in to follows military practice Pembela Tanah Air ( PETA )

Noer alie gets information directly from its the badal ( staff ), Yakub Gani attending read direct of proclamation text by Soekarno – Hatta on 17 Agustus 1945 and on 19 September 1945 at public meeting is field  by Ikada ( now field Monas ) Noer Alie comes by riding delman

Title Kiai Haji ( KH ), before all Noer Alie is called with the title Guru changed by big orator of Soetomo ( Bung Tomo ) what calls name of Noer Alie several times in its the radio broadcast in Surabaya, East Java.

In November 1945 KH Noer Alie forms public people soldier, all badal and its the santri is commanded to deactivates learning process to teach supports struggle and he also releases religious advices “ Be obliged to punish it struggles fights against colonist “ so that in a short time is mustered around 200 mans who is aliance of the santri and young man around babelan, Tarumajaya, Cilincing, Muaragembong which its the all is mentally is trained by KH Noer Alie and in physical of trained by military base base by Tentara Keamanan Rakyat ( TKR ) Bekasi and Jatinegara like Anis Taminuddin, Darmokumoyo and Gondokusumo


Year-end 1945 formed by armed unity affiliating to politics party. That Moment of Ash Ghozalie as commandant resimen Hizbullah Bekasi (  party combatant body Majelis Sjuro Muslimin Indonesia / Masjumi ) refers KH Noer Alie as commandant Batalyon III Hizbullah Bekasi.

On 06 Januaries 1946 KH Noer Alie unites body – struggle body indium place of public people soldier Bekasi because him worryed of there will is dissolution between bodies – defence body because situation of that moment politics, where some armed unities started scrambling of defence bow and then public?people soldier Bekasi which has been formed the he perforced to depart from caused by pressure that soldier takyat Bekasi joins into association of struggle of leader Tan Malaka is acting konfrontatif to government.

Worry of KH Noer Alie will weaken it struggle because dissolution happened in defence line proven by the happening of encounter between a number of defence bodies with TNI as happened in Tambun and Karawang.

The weakness then exploited by Dutch by doing Dutch military aggression I on 21 Julies 1947. Struggle body which has not have time to melt into TNI to leak and higgledypiggledy without strong leader


KH Noer Alie which has set mind on inactive indium military before Dutch military aggression I is called again its the struggle soul to maintain Republic of indonesia because at that time goverment of Republic of indonesia at palsied local level indium de facto ( fact ) and also indium de jure ( law )

At that moment movement which still remaining is one teams TNI as of level of company that is over a barrel and member of his its is only ready to flog people without uniform TNI under control Mayor Lukas Kustaryo is struggling makes a move – move out of one kampongs to other kampong and shelters to its the friend KH Noer Alie a local kahrismatic figure

KH Noer Alie which is not ready to Its the fatherland is mastered by colonist, musters people its the confidant to execute deliberation of emergency in Wadas, Karawang setting mind on reorganizes Indonesia strength, makes against is armed and returns public people morale that still stand up for Indonesia

At deliberation also is decided that KH Noer Alie delegated to face Panglima Besar Jenderal Soedirman indium Jogjakarta, hence together its the five fruit children (  Mahmud Maksum, Ahmad Djaelani As'ari, M Zainudin Mughni, Hasan Dagang and a from Kosambi ) KH Noer ALIE go to Jogjakarta with train

After coming in Jogjakarta group KH Noer Alie received by Letnan Jenderal Oerip Soemohadjo (  General Soedirman doesn't stay place ) from Letnan Jenderal Oerip Soemohadjo KH Noer Alie commanded to reorganize team and makes against in having guerrilla.

Indium September 1947 with rest of team in confusion by them menddiran organization of resistance of guerrilla which separated from Hizbullah - Central sabilillah by the name of Markas Pusat Hizbullah - Sabilillah ( MPHS ) chief by direct by KH Noer Alie


On 10 Januaries 1948 Mohammad Moe'min, Proxy Residen Jakarta,dari the eunuch of Republic of Indonesia lifts KH Noer Alie ace Koordinator ( Regent Functionary ) Sub-Province Jatinegara. But [ position/occupation] goverment of which ought to is started on 15 Januaries 1948 doesn't take place stripper because on 17 Januaries 1948 happened agreement of Renville obliging Indonesia army indium Hejira West Java to Central Java and Banten. KH NOER ALIE chooses Hijrah to Banten by bringing 100 team from kompi Syukur.

When armed resistance started alleviates, in the year 1949 KH NOER ALIE chooses struggling in civil field is asked to assists Muhammad Natsir as member of delegation of Federal Republic Of Indonesia in Indonesia in konprensi Antar Indonesia – Dutch

In the opportunity KH Noer Alie in a few opportunity studies continuation of struggle with figure – national figure in Jakarta like Muhammad Natsir, Mr. Yusuf Wibisono, Mr. Muhammad Roem, Muhammad Syafe'i and KH Rojiun and then he(she to channel aspiration of its(the politics, joins in party Masjumi

In January 1950, KH Noer ALie with friend – friend and its the staff like R Supardi, Madnuin Hasibuan, Namin, Taminudin, Marzuki Hidayat, Marzuki Urmani, Nurhasan Ibnuhajar, A. Sirad, Hasan Syahroni and Masturo forms Panitia Amanat Rakyat.

On 17 Januaries 1950, Commendation Committee of This public?people then musters around 25 ribu public people Bekasi and Cikarang in Alun – Great Wave Bekasi. They is declaration of resolution expressing power delivery of federal government to Republic of Indonesia. Return of all West Java to Republic of Indonesia Unity State

And KH Noer Alie with Lukas Kustaryo claims that name of sub-province Jatinegara turned into Kabupaten Bekasi. The demand received by Prime Minister Mohammad Natsir, so that on 15 Augusts 1950 formed by Kabupaten Bekasi in Jatinegara and hereinafter is enterred in region Provinsi West Java


KH Noer Alie and its the famous war


For region Bekasi and its surroundings KH Noer Alie very persistent makes against to Dutch army so that he is recognized as epithet " Lion Karawang - Bekasi ". Warrior story KH Noer Alie inspiration has a big master of Indonesia that is Khairil Anwar to write poem masterpiece " Karawang - Bekasi " a real famous of that

From so much encounter which has been done, there are two encounter stories showing spirit of struggle valiantly and ingenuity which has been done by KH Noer Alie and the war stands is big in continuation of struggle story of public people Bekasi that is :

1      Pertempuran Sasak Kapuk

On 29 Novembers 1945 erupting venomous encounter of team KH Noer Alie with Sekutu – English in Pondok Ungu along echo takbir in sentence Hizbun Nash fills the air in parallel with step of public?people team KH Noer Alie insists on ally army because public people team surprise attack.
Sees ally team has started go to the wall, starts arising boastful taste at its the team so that when ally team starts returning after around one hours go to the wall, public people team back of going to the wall until bridge Sasak Kapuk. Purple Maisonette. Bekasi

As ices condition of its the higgledypiggledy which team, KH Noer Alie commands its the team to retreat, but some of its the teams is still stays so that around three puluh people team public people soldier fall indium the encounter.

2. Peristiwa Rawa Gede

To indicate that defence of excise Indonesia still, some place of MPHS to do psywar. KH Noer Alie commands its the team with public in Tanjung Karekok, Rawa Gede and Karawang to make red flag – pocket edition white made from paper

Thousands of the flag then is stuck in every tree and resident house with a purpose to awakens public people morale that middle – middle of power of Dutch there are still Indonesia team that is always makes against.


Action of herois makes Dutch the role and thinks installation of merah-putih flag done by TNI, Belanda direct to look for Mayor Lukas Kustaryo, because is not found angry Dutch and massacres around four hundred people member surounding Rawa Gede.

Famous abbatoir in report De Exceseen is the Dutch note is one side results killing of public people, but is side is other the petinggi Dutch and Indonesia it is conscious that around by Karawang, Cikampek, Bekasi and Jakarta there are still Indonesia strength. While gimmick Dutch image is depressed, because has done despicable murder to resident that is is not sins.


From other note it is found that in the year 1984 KH Noer Alie arrival of expert guest history of from Dutch accompanied by an interprater from newspaper journalist Pelita


From discussion expert of of history of from the Dutch it is opened that KH Noer Alie, by more knowledgeable Dutch colonist ace Kolenel Noer Alie


“ Simply a Kolonel Noer Alie is not powerful army.

Your appearance so simple. Even very simple.

Instead uses white cloth and cap. I am amazed with your spirit “ 


KH Noer Alie

The Combatant Moslem Scholar and its the famous war


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